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25 June 2005



They're so stunning. The perfect knitters' pet really - color/aesthetics as only nature can do.

It's 2:40 am and I can't sleep. Blech, only good opportunity to read blogs :)


Wow! The colors on your bird would be perfect for a colorway for roving and yarn! :) Very pretty!


Is it sacriligeous to say, "great colors for a sock!"? What a great picture.

Teresa C

Whatchoo lookin' at?

Laura J

COlor amazing, resolution even more so. Does Alice like him or her?


Love him/her! The colors are amazing and would make great socks;-) What its name?


Who's your Daddy?


Who's a handsome boy?!


"Pretty bird!" (That's the only thing I could teach my old budgie, Spike, to say.)


That is a beautiful bird. I had male parakeet those colors as a child, we taught him to say many phrases.


OH! He looks just like a bird we had named Ernie (the hamster was Bert! )
Loved that bird!

Beth S.

You have another bird?! Does this one have a name?

Did you get your new Piecework/IK? I devoured mine this afternoon, but was a little bit disappointed on both counts. The Piecework online preview shows a very intricate piece of Estonian lace, but the one they provide directions for is not nearly as exciting.


Cheeky little monkey. We missed you yesterday, lots of crafty fun! Actually, would probably be a source of inspiration for an art student, you guys should go today.


Polly want a cracker?

BEUTIFUL bird...name? I agree, use the color for a project!!! The colors..not the feathers! hahahaJK!!! gee, let me learn how to spell!

Stephanie VW

OH!!!! He's so pretty (it is a he, right?). I had a budgie, named Sam, who lived happily in my house for 9 years! He had a pretty good life too... He would sit on the edge of my cereal bowl and dunk for Cheerios. A little gross in retrospect, but I loved him!!!


What a sweety. And such vibrant feathers. I bet all the other birds want to preen him/her.


Beautiful birdy. I love it. I want one too :(.

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