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27 June 2005



GORGEOUS. Man, I love me some birch. You're gonna make one for me next, right?


Very nice! I agree with the very English garden look.


It's beautiful! Love the color, too. Leaf Lace might be quick the way Cari did it but I'm using fingering weight and it's taking for-ev-er!


Great job. It looks gorgeous.



julia fc

It looks great. The perfect size. I never got around to blocking mine becasue on me, it's a large scarf, and I didn't see the point of blocking it to a size that would make it too big for a scarf, too small for a shawl. But on you, the right size.
We thought of you on Sunday.


Bravo! If only I didn't have one baby blanket and one "Caddie's Sweater" still to finish, and three Norwegian sweaters for the grandkids for Christmas yet to start.


GORGEOUS!!! Looks like a great color for you too. Wear it well.


RE: birds...had the cat to the vet last week. The cats are seen on the same side of the building as the birds (? you would think that if they have the sensitivity to separate the cats from the dogs, they would do the same w/ cats and birds?) Anyway..as I was bringing Jazzy out the exam room into the waiting room there was a lady with a huge cockatiel on her arm. As I was paying the bill, I thought the bird was squawking...glanced in her direction..nope, she somehow has recorded her cockatiel's voice as the ring on her cell phone!? (Talking I could understand...the squawk, not for me!)

Birch is beautiful...but I'm still trying to figure out, is it red or is it orange?


One word: beautiful!


That is just beautiful, Cassie! And I can't believe how quickly you finished it, especially since you knitted it through a heat wave!
Wondering, will you be choosing your next shawl yarn to match Moe's coloring? (You might want to consider that...the jealousy thing, you know.)


It's gorgeous!!!


Cassie, that is stupendous, and that color suits you beautifully.


You are a funny girl. Orange Birch looks fabulous on you. Nice work!


Beautiful, beautiful Birch! I can't wait to get finished mine!


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