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27 June 2005



Oh, Cassie! Birch is beautiful!
I wonder if that is it's siren song I am hearing.
Nah! Can't be! :)
It is gorgeous against your white dress!


For all that birching, it is a beautiful piece of work. (Although I can't imagine posing with it in yesterday's heat.) I vote for Leaf Lace. You can lead the way.


It looks beautiful! I say Leaf Lace, since I've googled that GEMS yarn about a hundred times this weekend.


Birch is beautiful, Cassie. And the color is fabulous.
You're looking for a new project? Did you finish the sw____r while I was gone!


oh darn.... another project on the list. Birch is beautiful!!


Very pretty. Mine is still resting in the closet.

Teresa C

I love it! You have joined the Birch club!


Susan better duck! LOL
Birch is beautiful and the color is very rich. O la la, you look marvelous with her. Go with Leaf Lace. It's easy knitting, too and just the thing for the endless summer of lace.


BEAUTIFUL!! Enjoy wearing it!


It's so beautiful, wear it proudly.


Cassie...it is lovely!!! How quickly you worked right thru Birch, I am impressed! I have to order my book, so hopefully by the time it gets here, the smoke ring will be finished and I can get right too it too :-).

The lace leaf is a nice choice.......very pretty!



Jo in Ottawa

Very nice. And I've found a good alternative use for self-striping sock yarn -- the Pine Cone Scarf (in the same issue of IK that the nattrojer is in) uses doubled sock-weight yarn. I used some self-striping stuff from the stash. The two strands were not quite at the same place when I started so although the stripes are obvious the changes are not too sharp.

that Leaf Lace shawl looks nice, too. One can't be knitting sweaters in this heat. That would involve having a large chunk of knitted wool sitting on your lap getting you too hot. There will be plenty of time for sweater UFOs in the fall.


Ahhhhh. Gorgeous. Or should I say GOWAHJUS!

Must. Cast. On.

So, does this mean no more birching from you? I hope not.


Just perfect! Is that "The Claudia"? How'd I miss that?


Just beautiful. The color is unusual and perfect. Nice job!


Birch looks great, Cassie. Orange is a great color on you.


I LOVE your lily-white arms in this photograph...it is such an English garden thing.


So vivid, so vibrant! Lovely, lovely wrap.


Absolutely lovely Cassie - the color really suits you.


Yep. That's beautiful!

And, I never blocked mine, either--I kind of liked it the way it was.


I HIGHLY recommend knitting the Leaf Lace shawl. Perhaps that's because I'm almost finished with mine! I just started the edging rows yesterday at work, and I am so happy with how it is coming out. I started it last summer and then put it down for a good 9 months, but picked it up again 3 weeks ago and I've been on a mad dash to finish it. It is a beautiful knit, and easy to follow the pattern without being too easy. I'm using Koigu for it, and its just gorgeous! I should post some pictures of it soon... I have a personal deadline of Thursday though I'm not sure that's going to happen. I hope you make it as I'd love to see someone as skilled as you do it!


That is GORGEOUS. Congratulations!

Beth S.

You finished! Oh my heavens! That was *fast*.

It's beautiful. The color, the size, the peekaboo pose, all of it.

What will you use for the Leaf Lace shawl? I have some Mountain Colors alpaca blend stashed away for that project, in the color Rosehip. Someday...


beautiful beautiful beautiful

(my marmalade ksh is now making hissing noises at me from the stash. thanks for that)

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