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29 June 2005



Sometimes WIPs speak for themselves. It's beautiful work.


She'll be fine ! ;-]
So will you.Fantastic knitting,as ever.I really like that sock yarn.Not at all busy.Quite soothing,in fact.I must finish my leaf lace shawl...sometime !
Take care.Knit on !


Happy Peru day!


It's scary to let them go, but she will be back with wonderful stories before you even know it. What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful opportunity and what a great mum for letting her go :-)

Your knitting projects look YUMMY!


Both of you will be o.k. She'll be fine knowing that she was given the opportunity of a lifetime, and you'll be fine knowing that you were able to help give her that gift. :)

The shawl is looking fabulous!


Hope everything went off okay - you've got some very nice knitting there to keep you sane.


Think how much you'll accomplish if as you knit on. She's off on the adventure of a life time. She must be thrilled.

I almost choked on my coffee to see that self striping yarn at the top of your post. It is a very nice one and the colors are just you!

Jo in Ottawa

Take some deep breaths and remember that you DID bring her up right. The problem with mothering is that, done well, you do yourself out of a job. It's okay to be a bit worried and a bit bereft as she goes off on this big trip. Don't make it worse by feeling guilty about it.


Best of luck with today.


Thinking of you...

That sock looks awesome, by the way. My "fair isle" segments on self-striping socks never come out as nice.

Beth S.

When did Trekking get to be so cool? First Trekking 100, now this nifty orangey one. It used to be such ho-hum yarn, now it's more fun than Opal.

For someone who just put her only (?) child on an airplane bound for the southern hemisphere, you sound remarkably pulled together. Good for you!


She'll be fine, and you'll be fine. Just take a deep breath and have a little bit of trust that she's a-ok because I bet she can tell how much you love her!

And the shawl is looking good. Now my race is on to finish before you do! This would be funnier if you knew how much I dawdled with it... but I posted a photo of it today with about two-thirds left to bind off. Hooray! Complete pictures tomorrow.


Don't worry about her. She'll be fine and will be back before you know it. The sock is nifty and the lace is very nice. Did you decide to block Birch?


Thinking of you a lot today. I hope you're doing ok. Both the sock and the shawl look great. Just keep breathing. Bee will be back soon (though I'm sure it'll feel like a long time to mom).

Hang in there. xo.

Teresa C

Isn't amazing how letting them go and grow requires so much growth on our part?


Teresa said it best - you'll grow by letting her go. God, that sounds schmaltzy, but I hope you know the sentiment is legit. Keep knitting, it will soothe you. And she'll be fine.


Inhale. Knit. Exhale. Knit. Repeat as needed. All will be well.


I am so covetting that sock yarn.


Well? How was the letting go?


Wow, great colors for the sock!
Here is wishing safe travels to your daughter and another trip to Seaport for you (that place is great).


The leaf lace shawl is perfect stress knitting, I promise. And she'll be back before you know it, having had an amazing experience.


Juno's new green fiber looks like Ashland Bay merino top to to me (color sage: ashlandbay.com). Webs, Copper Moose, and many other fine establishments stock their stuff.


Those sock colors would be perfect if there was no orangy-red stripe. Still looking for the perfect team colors yarn for socks (red/black/gray). The reds are almost always pinky or orangy.

Loved your Birch of a few days ago.. I'm a little behind on my reading. :)

Hope the send-off went well. Aw, heck, I'm sure it did.

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