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15 June 2005



Hot = Hell
Cool/breezy = heaven


the temps fell 15 degrees in about 15 min. wonderful!


We woke up to delightfully cool air today........raining......but much less humid and cool. Here's hoping that some of this weathter makes it to you soon.

Your copper moth yarn is stunning!!! Gotta love that color! I agree.....I much rather spin in the summer when it is hot.


The cool will come out TOMORROW! Bet your bottom dollar that TOMORROW, there'll be COOL.

My brain is fried and I was only outside for a total of 15 minutes yesterday.


The heat arrived here yesterday. Not the kind of heat you have but warmer than we've had it in week, well since last summer! It isn't too hot, yet, that will come today.
You're a week early. I'll be posting about the loveliness of wool after my weekend jaunt. But then if I didn't love wool, I wouldn't be going to Estes at all, right?

Jo in Ottawa

1) my first comment yesterday was supposed to be my contest contribution. Though not technically an ode it was musings on why I liked wool which I thought fit the contest rules.

2) Cate also said something about spinning being good for hot weather. That copper moth looks yummy.

3) the heat has broken here. Forecast high of 23C today and maybe more rain. Much more pleasant.

(reply not required, intelligent or otherwise)


My response to everything the last couple days has been either "Huh?" or "Unh." This morning, as it was slightly cooler, I added "Hrmph" to the rotation. I should be speaking in intelligible monosyllables by tomorrow. One hopes.


I just knew that copper moth would be a beautiful yarn!

Herewith, my entry:

Wool Haiku

Roving, combs, spindle
It's too hot to knit any longer
I can only spin


I do stuff like that, but it's not the weather. You sure it's the weather?


I'm still chuckling over "bet your bottom dollar..." Cara cracks me up. But she's right, I predict that the cool WILL come out tomorrow! Has been much better here the past couple of days and it must be headed your way.

The spinning is just beautiful!


Hahaha, I love Valentina's comment. Echo-echo...ditto-ditto here, too!

Beth S.

It's in the low fifties in Boston now. I wore long sleeves and a jacket to work today. It's like we stepped through a door into the Twilight Zone.

Two more rows on Birch last night. But don't worry; I'm still only one-and-a-half repeats in. ;-) The purl rows are killers, I couldn't agree more. And I stopped doing k2tog-TBL for the left-leaning decreases and switched to good old SSK. Trying to force my very blunt-tipped needle through the backs of the stitches was driving me bonkers.


Ode to (Joy) Wool

Joy, beautiful wool of the sheep,
Fleece of lambs,
Thy magic unites those
Who are bound by fiber;
All knitters will become family
Under thy gentle fleeciness.

Be embraced millions (of knitters)!
This art is for all the world!


Cassie loves wool, oh yes she does.

Cassie won't spin

Just any old fuzz.


That's the reason I buy my stamps online. www.usps.com, they deliver them to your door for only $1 in shipping--and you get to pick pretty stamps, too, instead of getting stuck with flags all the time. Soooo worth it!


Why do I like wool? It's versatility- you can felt it, you can knit socks with it, if mixed with another fiber (like Rowan wool cotton which is WONDERFUL to knit with) you can knit a soft light weight sweater, and not to mention super warm wrist warmers too- the possibilities are endless. I have yet to come across any wool that I haven't enjoyed knitting with. That's why I love it!

* I personally prefer the poem I wrote yesterday- but I hope this works instead!


Sorry, I thought mine was a testimonial - I didn't understand the rules?


An Ode to Wool (or I want into the contest)

"Here little lambie," said Cassie to the sheep.
"Give me your coat,
Or you'll be dead meat."


I am pretty sure that Teh Stupid is going around. I've got it pretty bad right now...


In additon to playground duty (my kids have school until June 30) on a asphalt playground with no equipment(the building was just expanded and the playground equipment is not up yet), I work at the downtown farmer's market. My brain is like that sludgy oily alien that took over people in the x-files. Last Wednesday after market it finally rained. I laid in my yard and let it rain on me. I swear steam was coming off my body, and my kids thought I had truly lost it. We had another storm last night, so now it's cool.....ahhh.
My ode to wool...I had been lusting after some particular Irish looking aran from the Emerald Isle itself, but couldn't bring myself to buy it. The DH got into my cookies (sounds kinky eh), and ordered it for me, even though he thinks I could really get all the yarn I need at Wal-Mart.


Ode to Wool

Sunrise…over the water reaching out to the east at the foot of Snake Hill…early breeze flutters the gauze curtain in our bedroom…a few cars zoom around our corner on their way to work…I get up, have my stretch, drink my gleck, & am out for a walk in the freshness of it all…up High Street & down the other side…turn the corner onto Spring & then Pearl…as I’m gathering an armful of fresh chickweed & buttercups, I can already hear Daisy calling…I’m at the pasture gate & there she is, running down the slope to meet me, her sweet, stunted sheep-trot…and she’s hungrily tearing at the fresh goodies I’ve brought for her…she really likes those buttercups!…and as she moves away to peruse the thicket of couch grass in amidst the briars, I admire the line of her dirty haunches, get a good snootfull of that sheepy fur coat she wears, fed by sunlight, fresh air, snowy winters, & little yellow flowers…all of that in everything I knit that comes from the fur of a sheep…somehow the interference of humans seems miniscule in the face of all that innocence.

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