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24 June 2005



Ohh, my favorite part is the wooden bobbin-like thingies.


Thanks for spending the day (and helping lead the way!) I know you're crazy these days, but it was so good to see you.

Thanks again.


LOL re no people pictures. What are the bobbin thingies for? They look like mini skein winders LOL.


Not sure which I like best, the bobbin doodads or the beautiful lace weight. Bad blogger. Does that mean I should take pictures this weekend??


That Habu stuff looks gorgeous.
Why are shawls so addictive to knit ? How many do we need ? Will we wear them ? I have three planned,yarn ready and waiting !


You met, you shopped, you ate, you knit, you shopped some more. AND we have pictures of yarn. Bad Blogging? Not!


I really like that Habu tweed, and there's so much of it! I used to knit in lots of browns and got lots of grief from lots of people, so I left my browns behind.

And what ARE those bobbin-like thingies?


That Habu tweed looks really interesting. Anything specific in mind for it?


what a wonderful time I had!! it was great meeting you - I'd love to do it all again sometime!


Sock yarn is pretty; the book looks VERY interesting -- I've never seen it. What a fun day!!

Beth S.

Holy moley, what a day! Good yarn, good company, and a good lunch. You hit the trifecta. :-)

p.s. You're gonna make picot-edged socks with that stripey stuff, right? (Right?...)

Teresa C

Gotta love those self-patterning sock yarns! They'll get you every time.


Wait...they sell the bobbin things? I love them, they are like little yarn pedestals.

I saw a kit yesterday for a habu paper/mohair/silk jacket. It was a nearly religious experience.


Sounds like a great blogger get together! Nice to know I'm not the only one who forgets the camera in her bag.


You are making me almost (emphasis) want to come down out of the country and brave the Big Apple! Every time we plan to make the journey, one of us injures an extremity. Habu, huh....


You didn't talk about your FIRST little Habu trip...


Cool that blogging allowed you to "meet" the others in the first place. The internet makes the knitting community a very cozy place.


Sounds like a fantastic day! And as I am doing blog catch-up today, may I suggest the bag-within-a-bag method of packing for the Peru trip. That way your daughter will have plenty of packing space for all the wonderful yarn and wool she will undoubtedly be planning to bring back for you. *wink*

Lee Ann

There was a FIRST little Habu trip?



Sorry not to have met you. Another time... :)


I love hearing stories about knitblogger gatherings! Hey, I just saw that book yesterday and was thinking of asking the knittiverse for a review--now I can just ask you! Useful?


Are the wooden bobbin thingies Japanese silk winders?


Laura J

I was thinking about the adequacy of your stash and wondering if learning to spin involves getting so excited you buy EVERYTHING and then spend the rest of your life trying to work the stash down, only it's hard because there's too many pretty things in the world and fiber fests are fun and meeting people is fun and just a couple of small bags are hardly anything....?

I am so horrified by my newly-revealed-in-most-of-its-excess stash I should just spin full time.


I heard great things about the yarn crawl. Sorry that I missed meeting you, but maybe next time.

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