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19 May 2005



You are in SO much trouble. How could you NOT want to hang with Laurie, Julia and Claudia? I'm thinking that would be worth the price of the plane ticket and I wouldn't feel sorry about not being able to buy anything. Doubt anyone is going to transport me, again.


I love the google hit. She didn't have to do ANY persuasion. This Laurie would love to see you. I will still be instantly recognizable, but defiantly there. And I can't quite believe that someone would knit two socks at the same time, on different needles. There just something....odd...about that. (Spoken by someone ensnarled in SSS.)


I've never been to Cummington, but it sounds like fun! I am actually going to be in your neck of the woods this weekend. I am visiting a dear breeder friend, in Somerset, NJ. He is not well, and I am going to help him out a bit with his dogs.

I am right there with you in finding it hard to get back into the knitting groove.......but I've been spinning when I have had a free minute or two. Now if I can only find a few extra minutes to blog :-)


I knew a couple of sheep farmers in Cummington...maybe they're still there...Steve & Ann Philbrick...it's beeeooootiful country out there in Cummington...& not too far from the cultural delights of Northampton...(Greg Brown @ Iron Horse)

Are you just finishing those red koigu socks? Silly girl...I wore mine for Pascha. It really is a wonderful pattern & a glorious colour. Right now I am working on a pair of Welsh Country socks for my friend Ted...& looking forward to moving to Vermont SOON! Our house goes on the market next week.

Looks like you had a great trip north...I apologise for my life being so insane this year that I haven't been able to come see you. I'm being pulled in so many directions while I need to stay focused on a few essential things, at least for 2 more weeks.


Oh, you wouldn't want to miss seeing the gorgeous fiber from Barb Parry at Foxfire Fiber and Designs! She alone is worth the trip, as she is pretty local (sells at WEBS). Go. Go. (By the way, the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival must be a cult, too...it's "Rhinebeck." Period.)


Cassie, you are not immobilized by the socks. You are immobilized by the Sith. You will feel much better later tonight. Then you can wool shop with a a clear mind...or maybe tonight. We are going to the movie tonight too, if I can get tickets. Shouldn't be a problem since it's playing every 15 minutes on 5 screens all weekend.


But Cassie, isn't it nice to be *wanted*?

/insert evil cackling noise/


It wouldn't be too far for you to go up to Cummington, and it would be a pretty drive...

Leave Bloglines alone for a couple of days, and it's frightening what you'll return to find. It is almost impossible to catch up.


Does this mean you aren't going to take the passenger seat in my car? :)

I had to reset bloglines recently myself. I fell so far behind that there was no way I'd ever keep up.


Cult? What cult?

Oh, did I mention free kool-aid?

Just saying.


What; you don't finish sweaters? I thought I saw you in a cute, blue cabled number in N.H. ;-)


Just go. You know you want to. Everyone else wants you to also. (no 'to, too' from me!) Even if you can't buy lots, go for the blog buddies. And then you won't have to deal with any regrets later on. If you don't, I don't want to read any woulda shoulda coulda sentimments here at 2MW. And what would you do here? Go see Star Wars again? Go. To. Cummington.


Cassie - thank you for organizing Norma's wool! She found the armhole pattern she used for the Tina sweater because of you, and now I'll get to knit her MUCH improved version. :)


Must.Go.To.Cummington LOL


Just go.

(Get a good fleece.)

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