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06 March 2005



Oh my. Guess I'd better knit up something for the Dulann Project now.

BTW, I love your ruminations.


Ohhhhh, that is sad news. Stephanie has been discontinued? And I just spoke to her yesterday. (ducking) Thank you, Honey, for giving in to my nagging. Those little things are the cutest ones YET! Did you see Cuzzin Tom's comment on Janine's blog? http://feralknitter.typepad.com/feral_knitter/

We are really messin' up that monk's head, methinks. Now you've made me want to make little vests out of my Lamb's Pride Bulky. Will you help me design it? Or better yet, will YOU design it? I've got 10 skeins I don't know what to do with, now that I've decided that Sally Melville's Einstein coat will look like hell on me....


P.S. A nicer blogiversary present I couldn't have conceived. Well, except if maybe you'd used MY pattern instead. But I'll take this. Happily. :-D


Yes! A Lamb's Pride Bulky vest! Do it! I don't think I'm ever going to knit that second My Favorite Companion bag, since we're playing tell the truth here.


That explains so much. I felt sort of discontinued all day.

Nice hats. (I have quite a bit of this wool in the stash...two per wheel eh?)


Those little hats are darling.


Blog peer pressure is such a weird thing. The hats are really cute.

Betty Merling

I am making the Ken Dulaan's hat and I got down to the 3 stitches left and it is work I-cord. I have no idea what that is or how to do it. What do I do with the 3 stitches left on needle? Thank you if you can help.


Is the whie buffalo woll actual from a buffalo? or can i use a sheep for my wool? TY

kathy jura

I am in search of a men's beenie type cap made from buffalo hair/wool. Do you have any leads for me?

Kathy Jura

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