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07 March 2005



I don't think it was computer illiteracy. I think Typepad is just obstinate about some things. They'll work on it, I'm sure. They've been really great about most things. Since most of blogworld probably has little use for things like charts (although where are all the math and engineering sorts?), and knitblogging is a weird genre unto itself, maybe if you put a Help Ticket in just to make them aware that there's a need out there, they might come up with something. I like the photos without the quotes. Or with the quotes. Either one.


Yes! Add the quotes. My two cents.


I like the quotes. I love the mitt pattern! Thank you.


Thank you for the lovely pattern!! I have some angora blended yarn that is begging to be a pair of lace mitts.


The mitts are gorgeous. Quotes with the photos would be nice.


Thank you for the mitten pattern.
Fab !


Definitely add the quotes! I look forward to those almost as much as the pictures. They add a dimension and really enhance your already beautiful photos.


Yay! Thanks for the pattern and I vote for keeping the quotes :)



So, are you thinking about a poster....say "52 doorways"? Definitely without the quotes if you end up selling a poster. However...if you decide to do a calendar, go with the quotes. What away to start each week...headed through a doorway. You have a lot of marketing possibilities here!!


Thank you for posting the pattern - it's lovely!!!


Might turn into a neat pair o'socks...hmmm.

Keep the quotes!


Thanks so much for the pattern. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

I vote for the quotes too.


Love the photo album. The quotes are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us, too!


Thank you for the mitt pattern. It looks like the perfect lace pattern for me at the moment :)

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