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08 February 2005



The welts are gorgeous! Each yarn has it's own distinct look. I'm still waiting for samples of both. Did you enjoy "the process" of knitting one yarn(gauge) over the other? Also, would using one, and adjusting the pattern for it, give you a different length since there's a large pattern repeat to consider?


So, does knitting in public, so to speak, change those things for the better or the worse for you? Honestly, I find that I am more willing to work through problems, fix mistakes and generallly do better work when all is open to other's eyes.

Owning some Frangipani, I know exactly what sort of fabric one gets from it. IMHO, this yarn produces an "outdoor sweater" or at least one where I would have to wear a turtleneck or something under the sweater to keep all that scratchiness away from my skin. The other yarn sounds to me like it will produce a dressier "indoor" sweater where one wouldn't have to be quite as vigilant about covering up the skin. I don't own this IK, but my memory is that the model is shown wearing it without anything underneath in a dressy sort of outfit. It this were me, I would make the yarn decision on whether I wanted a dressy sweater or an outdoor one.

Mary Beth

Darn. The ah-ha didn't happen ....yet. Janet makes a good point. Also, given the style of this, it would be worn against the skin. I suggest you get naked and roll around in all these welts and swatches and see which one feels best...let me know how that turns out.


If color matters at all, I like the claret a bit more than the crimson. The texture seems to "pop" more in it than the crimson.


I know that my guage tightened up a stitch or so per inch when I switched to the main motif, which is more knits than purls, compared to the welt guage (clearly this could just be a personal phenomenon, but I just thought I'd mention it). Alas, I don't have the sweater with me to measure. The knitting became a lot more interesting and fun for me once I got past the welts.

I enjoy reading about your process, it makes me slow down and reflect more on what I'm knitting instead of just trusting on blind faith that I'll have a wearable sweater when the project is finished.


I like the backberry ridge It'll feel better next to your skin. My only concern would be being that it is so soft, will it pill?


Claudia has a good point. An all the time sweater or one for the great outdoors. Does that help you decide. You can always knit one and then find another pattern you like for the other yarn and knit it later (or at the same time). Start knitting on one or the other...get a better feel for the yarn...enjoy THAT process and if it isn't as you thought it would be then change to the other sweater.


Well, now. I don't know how well MB knows you when she goes around willy-nilly making suggestions that you get naked and roll around on your welts. I'm not going to touch that one with a 10-foot pole. (well, I guess I already did...)
Those bags are just absolutely gorgeous. Too bad Adelaide won't make one for a crappy loser. I lose again. ;-(

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