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07 February 2005



But you're having fun.Right ?
It's a learning experience.You're finding out about the pattern,how it works in various yarns,and getting used to the smaller needle size.I find I knit a lot faster on smaller needles,and my fingers and wrists hurt less.Being a sock knitter 2.5mm needles doen't frighten me at all !
It will be worth it in the end.It will be a work of art.


Yes, I agree with Emma. Smaller needles result in lovely fabric that drapes nicely too. It doesn't matter what the needle size is anyway. You'll end up knitting the same amount of stitches in the end, whether it's on 2's or 8's. I'm glad you're doing all of the test work for the rest of us though!


Phew! Hang in there...we'll wait.


You've got more guts than I. BUt it'll be gorgeous when it's finished.


I should've done what you did during the Superbowl. Instead I was sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails. Knitting would've been better.

Glad your working through things - it's necessary - in the end you want to be knitting something that's satisfying.


I once knit a sweater for my daughter with fingering weight yarn and 2.25mm needles (the pattern was from a Dale book). I thought I was nuts too but it wasn't that bad and she wore it a lot (before losing it on the bus or in the library or something, luckily after she'd pretty well grown out of it).

That pattern would look lovely in a small guage. Keep it up.


Doesn't concentrating on knitting make football so much more fun? Am I totally ethnocentric because I don't know what 2.25 mm converts to? I never keep track of what needles I use to swatch with either. Or I do write it down, and then months go by and I've definitely lost the sheet of paper.


Too bad Mr. Bush doesn't give as much thought and care to running the country as you give to obtaining the correct gague.


It happens to the best of us, Cassie. Persevere. It will all work out in the end.


When you are working that small and with all the unknowns it has to be the process that keeps us knitting. It will be worth every single stitch when you find the right combo of design, yarn and gauge.


8 spi. Slacker.

Mary Beth

after reading all that, i think i'm the slacker.

Siow Chin

I've a feeling I'm reading a detective story. Let's hope you solve the 'mystery' soon.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden

I see your frustration with the pictures of traditional Danish costumes, though they're interesting in their own right. I think the nattrøjer is most evident in the picture of the girl from Røsnæs:


The diamond-shaped pattern on her sleeves has to be a knit-and-purl stitch pattern (which would be fairly usual for this garment anyway), because if those diamonds were a woven pattern, the sleeves would have to have been wastefully cut on the bias: very unlikely, in such a traditional costume.

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