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11 February 2005


Annie Driscoll

Try this site for your needles--I just went through this last week, and they have all the 'odd' mm sizes. www.jklneedles.com


That's a great tip about the website!

I'm not used to keeping track of metric needle sizes, so I always, always need to refer back to my gauge checking tool.


You are rekindling my desire to get started on the nattroje myself. I will be watching your progress with much anticipation. Maybe you can suss out mistakes before I get to them (LOL!). Good luck.

Lisa in Oregon

I think it's stunning!

Mary Beth

Cassie - it is so pretty. The colors, the stitch work. I just hope the blog-pressure doesn't interfere with the experience. Just take your time - we'll wait!


8 stitches/inch is not a shocking amount. And your progress is admirable for one day~ amazing, in fact. It's not a race....it's a project. Take your time and enjoy. :)


Your knitting is lovely!


That colour gets me every time.


Cassie! It's beautiful! If I weren't teaching classes as well as working, I would TOTALLY want to follow in your footsteps and start one in a very small gauge. But alas, I'm a slacker ;)

Good luck! And just show us more cool pictures to sate us until you have good progress to show on the sweater.



That is going to be one damn fine sweater when it's done. Did the shop keeper visible cringe when you told her your gauge? It's just beautiful. I have to patience for that small of a guage.


One of the things I'm trying to do this year is switch to metric regarding knitting needles. I'm determined to be more aware of gauge for that eventual day I really consider knitting a sweater.


Wow, I can't believe how far along you are. And, I'm not being a smart-ass this time.


That's a lot of mileage in one day! And the pattern shows up beautifully. We're going to love watching that grow. Oh, where's the sw**ter?


I have a 2.25mm circular that I bought here in the US . . . made by INOX. It's not my favorite for doing socks (I like the Addi Turbos for that), but it works! BTW, the color of your nattroje (did I spell that right?) is gorgeous!

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