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17 February 2005


Siow Chin

The photo of you and your mother is beautiful, and so is your daughter! I wish I could bring up my daughters as well as you are doing. Happy birthday to you and your baby!

Krista Jo

I love February! My birthday's in late January, so I think midwinter is fun, and February is cool because it's so short it's gone if you blink, because of groundhog day, because you get to enjoy the last bits of winter... because you've still got time to finish all those cold-weather sweaters you've been knitting... I am 100% with you on the February goodness. And Happy Birthday (to you and your daughter)!


I also thought your mother was you. Pretty picture. I have children who NEVER ask for anything and love and appreciate anything they do get. It is refreshing don't you think? Your daughter is beautiful, pretty green eyes.
You've warmed my heart for the day ....thanks


Thank you! As another February baby, let me say "hurrah for February".


Thanks, I needed that.

(And I enjoyed the peek into your non-knitting life.)

Mary Beth

My husband just celebrated our 13th anniversary on Feb. 15. We got married in February because we thought everyone would need/want/enjoy a party even more at that time of year and we weren't dissappointed - it was a great time! Happy Birthday to your beautiful February baby!


Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter !
The photo of your mother and you is wonderful.


Happy Birthday to both of you! Both pictures are beautiful - did you take the one of your daughter? I just love face close-ups. She has gorgeous eyes.

I'm right there with you on these winter months. Winter definitely gets a bad rap around these parts. Remember people! Without winter there is no spring!


Yes, you absolutely look a lot like your mother, and your daughter does look like you. BUT you can't take full credit. I think you should show the bloggers the whole story and post a photo of your very handsome husband too.


I'm sorry -- I don't mean to take away from your post at all -- but I'm still laughing over Mary Beth's (I'm sure inadvertent) statement that HER HUSBAND celebrated their 13th anniversary....heeheeeeeee Freud?! Hello, Freud?!


oh, and Happy Birthday, Bee!!!


Nothing's wrong with February. Nothing at all.

You have a beautiful daughter.


As a late January Baby, I just want to say that I am an equal opportunity winter month disser.

Happy birthday to you both. A very cool, talented 17 year old that asks for no gifts and makes pie is definitely worth a celebration. Every day.


Hæ hæ

I hope you enjoy the Þorrablót. I am not particulary fond of these events, although I would probably have fun going to one, I certainly will not miss the food there. 'Interesting food products' you say, that's a very polite way of describing sour ram's testicals and such :o

Thankfully there are more things on the agenda. This weekend we have a Winter Festival in Reykjavik, I can't wait!

It's interesting to see your thoughts on the NYTimes ad. It is wonderful to know that there are people (the organizers) who wont be suppressed by the ruling government and act independently. Iceland (a country without an army) participated in a war, which the vast majority was against, and without even having a say on it!

p.s. good luck with your Nattrjöe :)


What happened with Backyard Leaves? I can't take the suspense.


The pictures are wonderful, and happy birthday to your daughter. Yay for green eyes - another green-eyed girl!

My husband and I are both February babies. I like February for that reason, and because here in the south I know a long hot summer is coming soon, so I enjoy the little winter we get for as long as possible.


Happy birthday to your daughter!

February has been mostly sunny and (fairly) warm here in Central Virginia, so no complaints here. :)

Janice in GA

Happy birthday to the February folks! Me, not a winter person, even though I live in the southern US where winter is characterized more by rain and general gloom than it is by really cold weather. I just want to hibernate from right after Christmas until about mid-March.
I'm glad there are folks that appreciate the season, though.


What an incredibly beautiful picture of you and your mom. And your daughter is gorgeous. She sounds like an amazing woman.


Today is my Dad's b'day. He's 79 and also didn't have a birthday present list.
I just love the photo of you and your mother. Priceless.


button! :)


thought i'd post here too, in addition to the email. enjoy!


Wonderful post and pictures! Happy Birthday to your 'little' grrl. She sounds awesome. So when is YOUR b-day.
There are no doldrums here...you should see our sky. It is blue, blue and the mountains are white, white. It's a perfect February day.


While it remains to be seen if I can get through February (which is inflicting some sort of vengeance on me) I admit that this one day is worth it.
Our daughters share a fondness for apple pie and a birthday. Who knew?


Happy Birthday Bee, and Happy Birthday Cassie if I don't see you until the 23rd.


"This is February. Deal with it. Enjoy it. " Umm.... I tried. I thought of the wonderful people born in February. I thought of my very cool visit to New Mexico last week. I thought... Nope. Can't do it. The solar battery in my brain just can't function in February in the northern hemisphere. But your blog provided amoment of warmth and pleasure.

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