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12 February 2005



Thank you for posting the pictures of the gates. I have been following this story on tv and your photos are the best I have seen of this project. Really cool!

Janice in GA

Yes, many thanks for posting pictures! The little pix I'd seen on Yahoo weren't doing them justice!


Your pictures are wonderful. Were you there when they opened? I love the contrast between the gray and the saffron/orange.


Wonderful. I love the one with the wind blowing the fabric. To borrow a phrase from YOU -- admirable and excellent. Thank you.


Yes, yes! I see the point of this installation! Thanks.

You've seen it in person. What are your impressions?

Catherine D.

Ah! Now I understand the NPR reporter this morning who said "I'm a curmudgeon, but these are beautiful.' Yes, indeed they are.


Great pix. I just wonder how long it took to put this up.


WOW! I didn't realize this was happening. You'd think I lived in Utah....oh ya, I do. Thanks for bringing this incredible event to this yokel. I love the picture of the gates by the lake. Black and white and saffron all over.


Very nice. The orange is esp beautiful and I can fairly hear them snapping in the wind. Did you walk underneath them?

Mary Beth

I'm so glad you captured them post unfurling. I keep thinking so many different things. They look like windows with the curtains blowing out. "the gates" sounds like, I don't know how to spell it, vi-gates - hello in German. The saffron color, sorry, but I think of "moonies" in the airport. Thank you so much for bringing this - I'm only afraid that you will now bag knitting and start a photo blog!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! More would be most welcome! Don't you think this must have been inspired by Fushimi Inari in Japan?


Cassie! The one with the skyscrapers in it from the album will be my new background at work as soon as I get there! You really have an amazing eye for photography! Holy crap!!



What amazes me most is you were able to get shots without throngs of people. Your photos are better than the ones I've seen through the news agencies online. You should get paid for this....

Dena Shunra

OOh, thanks!

I had *wanted* to see it, but couldn't get my own eyes to NY. Thanks for lending yours.


Thanks so much for sharing these great photos!!



I'm so envious of your close location! I hope I can get out to the NYC area before it ends...


Just got back from a walk in the northern end of the park - and met Christo and his wife Jean Claude!! Very humble people; seemed sweet and shy. Everyone was applauding them.
The gates are amazing and I wish they were staying.....


Thank you so much for taking these pictures! I stumbled on Christo in 1985 when he wrapped the Pont Neuf bridge. I have followed his work since. Great shots!


Thanks you so much for posting the pictures; they are lovely and a balm for my february blahs. I have been hoping that the times would have photos in today's paper, but nada. geez. Thanks for the antidote.


Oh, very cool. Lovely pictures! Thanks.


Thanks, Cassie!

I heard about this yesterday on NPR and (once again) wished Iowa wasn't quite so far away from NYC. :)

I know everyone else has said it, but it's worth saying again, your pictures are lovely and quite the best I have seen.


There used to be this really awesome guy on the Detroit Tigers when I was growing up. His card was kind of hard to get for some reason. He was a sort of beefy black fellow with a kind face and very dark complexion. He never started but was like the ultimate pinch hitter. He had done something great during their 1968 drive to the pennant and so I think he was kept around out of appreciation. His name was GATES Brown. He seldom wore saffron but he WAS worth a million dollars.


Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of the Gates. I shared the URL with everyone I know (not bloggers!!) so they, too, can appreciate your photos.

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