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09 February 2005



Summer of Shakespeare - is that like the Summer of Love in any way? You haven't changed a bit! Really.

I had an affair with a Dane once - he was nuts - went by the name of Kierkegaard and tried to get me to devote my life to him. I got smart though and quit. I was 23.

Can't you just make both? Or is it a matter now of which one to start first?


Ahhh, free-spirited as always.... That's our Cassie.

Mary Beth

A perfect way to be at 15, although I bet it didn't feel that way at the time! I thought you were going to make this connection...

You have no idea how hard I laughed.
The Danish nattrøje....thinking makes it so!

Oh well.


Ah yes Cassie, but do you still have the skirt?

Beth S.

You are so cool. I adore you. I mean it!
Wish I'd done the same exact thing.


Is the guy behind you naked? Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play by far. What is yours?


Ahhh, to be 15 and have the whole summer ahead of you. That was the age I worked up the guts to take the bus/subway into Boston all by myself. But, I did it because I desperately wanted to take a class at MIT and couldn't convince any of my friends to take it with me. Your summer was probably much more interesting.


That explains it!

PS I took Shakespeare in college and when I had taken all the clases I quit. Nothing is better for studying human nature than ol' Will.


Why shouldn't you still have the frisbee? That picture was taken just last summer.


I love Adelaide's comment (not to mention her name). I did sort of the same thing when a junior in h.s. That spring and summer had lots of Shakespeare at the beach in Chicago. Nice combination, I tell ya.

So did you decide on the wool? Personally I liked the claret better but then again the comments on indoor vs outdoor made sense.


Wow! I was such a mess at 15. Mine was the summer of the baby. Not mine, the baby was Lil' sis. But everyone treated me as if they thought she was mine. People can be so mean. I love the picture. Apparently not only do you take wonderful pictures, but you also make a wonderful subject


Hi Cassie, (fellow NYCite)
i love that photo of you when you were 15.. i remember those days of carefreeness in Central Park might have been passing you as you spun your frisbee.. thanks for giving me such a great read on an almost daily basis! :-) Karola
(also a mom of a daughter but she is only 9 but looks like she is 12 or more already.. scary isn't it.. she's in a size 8 1/2 shoe and is 5 feet tall.. eeek.. :"-) k

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