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10 February 2005



Go, Alice! Maybe she can do a few rows for you, help you along, you know....


You took over my body yesterday at the LYS and when I got it back I had bought _Making Ganseys_. Thank you! Maybe I will even make one, the sample at the very least. And I got Sheila MacGregor's _Traditional Scandinavian Knitting_ last week and it has considerable information about nattrøjer, if you needed more.

My regards to Alice. I wonder if she wants you to make her a bird cosy?

Laura J


Clearly, Alice is a connosseur.


Wonderful! Nothing better than going with your gut. I'm glad you're on your way - and I think you are too. Alice knows - you chose wisely.

Mary Beth

Yes! You've committed! Alice is saying "told you so!"


Fab !
That was my choice,but I didn't want to push it ! Better to follow your heart.
It'll be fantastic.


Wait. Huh? You knit a gansey? Why haven't we seen a picture of it?


Sometimes photographing (digitally) red on top of another colour helps. Red on blue, red on green etc. It's like it confuses the camera into giving you a more accurate colour, doesn't get all hung up trying to manage red...or something. That might be part of why the picture with Alice is the most accurate. My camera is a old piece of junk so I've figured out some tricks.

Beth S.

Blackberry Ridge makes such wonderful yarn, I'm not surprised you couldn't resist its siren call. Good for you for choosing the one your heart spoke up for, even if it isn't blog-friendly.


Wunderbar! Sorry I don't know Danish, just German. See you should have jusyt started out by asking Alice, and all would have been well.


Intuition, being true, using what feels better -- and Alice likes it, too? Sounds like you're on the right track!


Excuse me a moment while I reel at the thought of knitting a whole sweater in fingering weight.

ok, better. whew.

I liked the picture Saturday. Layer on layer of people leaving their mark on an environment that doesn't give them opportunities to leave their marks in more socially acceptable ways. People who don't have the skill to do beautiful iron doors and archways.

I have an elaborate tattoo, a whole sleeve of koi and water and leaves. It opens up conversations sometimes that I would prefer to not be in, an unanticipated side effect. I met a guy once who was in the process of getting his whole body tattooed. Three times over. Layers, just like that picture. You couldn't see anything anymore, you could make out tiny tiny bits of sense, but mostly it was chaos. That picture reminded me of him.


Nice choice on the yarn - it's not what I thought it would look like. I thought that red was too glaring when photographed next to the claret, but on its own it's very nice. And I can see that pattern there - such tiny stitches!

Alice is too sweet - glad to see she's feeling better.


I love Stephanie's hints about photos of red. I always have trouble. If Alice approves it you must have made the right choice. It's going to be stunning.


I thought I was clear on the proportions, given the needle and stitch marker. Then I saw the giant finger, and the universe tottered on its foundations. It will be a masterpiece which lasts.


I heart Alice :)

My own sweet cockatiel (Madeline -- Maddy for short) often tries to be "helpful" with the knitting (and other things, like wrapping presents). Mostly that consists of her attempts to bite through and/or unravel everything, but it's the thought that counts!

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