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30 December 2004



All of the above. I love your obligatory link. You think too much. I think I need coffee. I think I am channeling Hemingway. I think I am delusional.


Too much alone time is never a good thing. Take it from someone who spends A LOT of time alone. Your mind starts to play funny tricks.

I'll go with 2,4,5 and 7. Hope the day gets better. C


2, with 5 and 6 stuck in some kind of circular reasoning problem ;)


4,5,6 all reasons I do blog or knit or whatever.
Happy New Year, Cassie!!


hmm............#4 definitly..LOL. Blogging forces me to clean the cobwebs out of my every busy brain..

Mary Beth

#5, only, for me. Got me thinking though. Would I blog if I didn't knit - no. Would I knit if I didn't blog - uh, yah!!


I'll go with number seven and be eternally grateful to you for allowing me to connect myself in some small way with Descartes in public. (I now hope lots and lots of people will google Descartes and find this. Wow!! What joy!!)


Comment number two: There is no such thing as too much time alone.


#4. Think hard! What am I going to write about today? Think harder! Better go knit something to blog about.

Oops. That's #6.


#5 comes closest for me.

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