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Fassett Flowers

Fassett Flowers

This Kaffe Fassett fabric ESKC is a study in psychedelia. Green and gold flowers and leaves float on a background of brown with green dots make up the print used for the outsider, inner flap and closure of this ESK for circs. A gold textured print is used for the lining and a brown print with stars is used for the pocket. A green fabric with teal dots finishes it off as binding around the edges.

All Emergency Sock Kits for circs come empty, ready for you to load with all of your essential sock knitting supplies (see sample loaded, on this page).

All Emergency Sock Kits are made of 100% cotton (fabric, batting, and thread), measure 7"x9" and close with a decorative snap closure.

Price is $65 including shipping within the US (slightly higher for overseas shipping).

If you're interested in purchasing this ESKC, please contact me at toomuchwool(at)verizon(dot)net (you know what to do).