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Sample set up

Sample set up

This is an example of how an ESK for Circs can be filled - they are sold empty, waiting for your needles and notions. There are two sections, each with their own pocket sections and flaps (to keep the needles in place). The left side has slightly larger channels, while the right side is perfect for smaller gauge circular needles.

As shown, the sock kit is holding 8 sets of circs, with cables varying in length from 16" to 40", a set of size 2.25mm/US 1 bamboo dpns, and a pair of Clover thread snippers. (Inox, Addi Turbo, and Knitpicks Options circular needles are shown in the ESKC.)

The larger channels to hold the needle tips will hold anything up to about a size 5.5mm/US 9. More needles of smaller diameter can be stored in the ESKC, as a larger needle will take up an entire section/channel, and two smaller needles can be doubled up.

A closed ESKC measures 5.5" x 7.75" and lies flat, fitting easily into a purse or a knitting bag. Open, it measures 11" x 7.75".

All ESKs are made with 100% cotton fabrics, batting, and thread. All have a snap closure and are finished with careful hand sewing. ESKs are made by elves in a little cottage in Brooklyn, New York.

Prices will vary depending on the cost of the fabrics used in an ESK.