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07 February 2011



One of Ravelry's best ideas is that you can put a pattern in your cart and let it wait there until you're ready to buy it. No more "buy it now or I'll forget what it was" and then forgetting it anyway. . .


ElizabethD is right on about that, and you're right on about Blackstone Tweed - an undersung yarn if I've ever knit with one! it will be fab on you - when you get around to it ... take it easy with that thumb, girlfriend.


In the waiting room getting our car serviced this morning, a guy came in and saw my knitting and just about swooned. Told us wonderful stories about his mother knitting cotton sweaters for him in China. My husband started asking all sorts of questions about what fibers were available, and when the guy commented that nobody knits anymore, DH burst into laughter and said, "Go to Ravelry.com!" They both had their laptops out in moments... And yes, we're keeping the new guy as a friend -- a splendid man our age with a fast-fast brain and a love of knitting? A keeper. [I think you should cast on the sweater. I am way more fond of UFO's than bags of yarn that are sitting there, worrying that I'll chose a dorky pattern, pondering their fate...]


Yes, Juno's been crazy on Rav lately - favorite-ing all these wonderful projects. It kept me sidetracked for 30 minutes yesterday!

Good luck with your meeting today!

Caroline M

I wish my brain was faster than my hands, some nights I've knitted inches before realising that I can't count to six reliably. I do not catalogue anything, anywhere, all the relevant information is stored between my ears which is worrying given what I just said about counting to six.

Glad to hear the thumb is resolving itself

Jenny in Jersey

Oooo...another must knit pattern. Lovely!


S.O.S Please Help me. Tormented with the Norwegian Gloves of Nancy Bush: RIGHT HAND
I am unable to reverse the placement of the THUMB following the PALM chart, WHERE,and HOW do I start? have tried MANY ways: frustrated,Waiting for your help PLEASE ! mimi.


Glad to hear that your thumb is getting better..make sure that you are taking it easy.

Baby Cocktails is a wonderful designer, Cassis is next in line for me with Shiraz right after. I have 2 inches to go on the current sweater on the needles...LOL but Cassis is calling me..

I also don't document anything on Ravelry. It would take some(actually a lot of) my time that I would rather use knitting...LOL

Good to hear from you,

Paula O'Neal

Please continue to take care of your thumbs. Otherwise they may fall off and roll around on the floor! Which makes knitting quite difficult. Hugs to you. Paula in Iowa


Happy Birthday, Cass!

Leslie Wind

Thumbs up for you.....as long as it doesn't hurt!

Caroline M

How's the hand healing?

Lydia Schmidt

I just cast on Irish Coffee a couple days ago! Slow going, as it's just started to be spring so it's tough to knit a sweater...but I'm loving it! It's a beautiful pattern.


Where are you??????????????????????????

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