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27 May 2009



It is perfectly acceptable to take an extended break. Sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves.


Maybe it's spinning season?


This happens to me ALL THE TIME! (I didn't touch a spinning wheel for over six months at one point and haven't made a sock in a year.) It will come back with a vengeance...give it time!


Some days just go like that. (She says meaning other projects - can't actually spin myself. Big hat off to those who can).

Judy H.

Maybe it's time to quilt for a while?


I'm glad you thought about larger needles. It really is times and season, you know? It's OK to do other things for 6 months. As long as you come and talk to us about it of course.....


Hey man, don't knock the spinning. Yarn for the sake of looking at is as good as yarn for knitting - but maybe a couple spinning lessons (hint, hint) will break the spell.


Maybe you and knitting need to take a vacation from each other, possibly seek a kntting therapist to discuss your relationship? Don't do anything harsh, just take a breather, it happens to all of us.

Katie K

That's a really beautiful sock you've got started there.


If the socks are too thick, you could turn them into slippers. I have some similar handspun, spun for socks, but the yarn ended up too big. I'm knitting socks anyway (stubborn is my middle name), and will sew leather sock bottoms on them. I think I had to go up to size 5 needles.


Cassie, have you thought of taking the summer "off"?? It's ok not to knit for a period. The body mends itself (wrists, fingers, shoulders)....


Well, that sounds like ANY long-term relationship...haven't you gone through periods with someone you have been very in-tune with, excellent connection, when for a while you feel like aliens around each other?? Seems to be normal...and temporary. Less pressure is a good thing--if you don't produce for The Blog, no one will be injured, truly! =)


You have touched on what I feel is the beauty of both spinning and knitting. If one is just not happening for me, the other always steps in and makes me say ahhh. I just got off a big lace-spinning jag--didn't feel the knitting at all for a while after two dismal projects--and am now busily knitting away with a half-full bobbin of merino/tencel waiting . . .

You always make lovely things, Cassie


You could always take up weaving.


My Momma said that there would be days like this, my Momma said! Relax the days will soon be over!

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