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04 February 2009


Divine Bird Jenny

My green Monkey socks were the same thing as your Ribbon Scarf (which is absolutely dreamy). I had been looking for something else and discovered a bag with--I kid you not--a finished sock (with ends woven in and EVERYTHING) and a second sock about halfway down the foot. So I basically had two pattern repeats and a toe left to do and suddenly I had a new pair of socks!! It's like found money, only warmer.


Oh, I think so too, it'll be like a hug!

Your yarns look wonderful - I love them both.


Cassie, I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. You're right, that lovely scarf will indeed be like a hug! And your spinning is absolutely gorgeous!!

Just curious: how many "other" unfinished projects do you have in your baskets?


Cassie, I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. You're right, this lovely scarf will feel like a hug! And I love your spinning....gorgeous!!!

BTW, how many more unfinished thinggies in your baskets?


That sweater yarn is beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, but the scarf is lovely...


Beautiful spinning, as always.
A truly lovely Ribbon Scarf. All the best to your MIL.


Your Ribbon Scarf is lovely, I'm sure your MIL will adore it. Best wishes to her.

martha in mobile

As someone who has had breast cancer, I can authoritatively state that a soft handknit is just the ticket! Very good for snuggling when you are dog-tired from radiation.


A scarf is indeed a knitted hug! I'll keep your MIL in my thoughts; tell her to be strong and to know that there is life after breast cancer! Just keep fighting!!!


I went through my pile of UFOs yesterday and discovered a clapotis long languishing yet nearly finished (actually, almost out of yarn, which is almost the same thing) and decided to finish it up. Well done! And best wishes to your MIL.


So sorry to hear about your MIL. Radiation without needing chemo is a good thing. Means no positive nodes. Handknit scarf is a good thing too. :)

Makes me want to spin my Spinner's Hill batts.


My best wishes to your MIL. Such beautiful things here.


Ribbon Scarf is fabulous!

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