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02 February 2009



Sweater. Finished...is a huge thing! Congrats!


I think it looks very nice on you and I'd wear that a ton. Well done.


Hurray for finishing a sweater! A huge FO. I love it.


I like it. Much better with 5 buttons than 1. And some space in the upper arm is sometimes important in a cardigan because you are wearing things under it. It looks great.


It looks great. Love it with 5 buttons. And a bit of room in the upper arms can be a good thing in a cardigan, which you wear over things. Nothing worse than feeling like there is too much bulk in there.


Sorry, I'd left the computer and then posted that first comment and it looked like it didn't post.


It looks quite nice on you. And finished is a great word. I am making the same pattern, just started the body, and have found your notes invaluable. So enjoy your new sweater.


Well...I like it and I think it's flattering on you!


The sweater looks great on you and it looks like it fits perfectly. The details of the pattern look so nice.

Tsarina of Tsocks

And it has TWO SLEEVES. Deeply impressed.

Srsly, it looks lovely, and I bet you will be glad of that LITTLE bit of extra room in the top of the sleeves when you put it on over something.


I think it's flattering! Congratulations on finishing. Of course, I wish it had taken you a little longer so you could have spent more time goading me and I'd be closer to done myself, but I accept that that may not have been your top priority.


I think it's lovely and entirely flattering. Kudos on the quick knit!

Liz U.

I think it looks great!

Thanks for the info on the sleeves- I also have an issue with them being too large at the top.


Um, in about ten years even *you* might be thicker in your upper arms and you're going to be so happy to have a sweater that doesn't feel like a sausage casing around your triceps and biceps. I have only two sweaters that fit there now...

Frankly, I think the sweater's flattering, especially the scoop neck.


It is beautiful. I hope when you ponder its' completion, you will agree. Bravo!

Lynn in Tucson

I really like it and am adding it to my queue as we speak!


hey, i think it looks good. and it is finished :)


With your figure, you will look good in everything. That sweater looks very feminine and pretty.

Lee Cockrum

Very pretty! And the fit looks good to me... comsidering I do not know you, or much about how you like sweaters to fit! But still, looks great to me!

Robin Marie

I think it's pretty freakin' cute! I think it would be even more so if it buttoned all the way down, which would take advantage of the cute shaping details. Of course, I can't see in person and maybe it wouldn't fit right like that, but those are my $.02!

Cheap Like Me

I really like it! I didn't notice the sleeves at first, but now that you mention it .... so stop talking about them. I noticed the vertical patterning on the back, which I love, which distracted me from the sleeves. I wish I had one of those sweaters right now. I know, there's a solution to that ....


I have to say that I really like the sweater. With one button, I thought it was okay. With 5 buttons, definitely a winner. I already liked the pattern, but now I will be moving it up the queue. I hope you enjoy it after you've had some time to consider. And it's done with two sleeves, way to go!


I personally think it looks very good! I'm going to add this to my queue on Ravelry right now.


Your Amelia makes want to knit one too! Thanks for sharing :).


I think it came out gorgeous! It looks great and is very flattering!

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