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23 April 2008



I was just thinking about all the tops I've made over the years that languish, unused, in my closet. I think it might be time to suck it up and realize that at this stage they won't be finished by me, so perhaps I should send them out for quilting so they stop weighing me down.
PS - I LOVE that flower quilt. It's completely adorable.


I know that DD and I made some funny textiles when she was young -- she'd draw something and we'd embroider or quilt or sew or knit it together. I think the first one is charming and the second is definitely a tribute to perseverence! Excellent post.


I could learn a lesson here! When I make a mistake, I try to hide it the best I can, either tossing the project away or ripping it; I'll do just about anything so that I will not need to live with it. Maybe instead I should admit it with humble heart and learn to live with it...

Misty the Kneedler

Thanks for sharing your collection! I love the flowers - it's also interesting that the quilting seems to go right over the flowers regardless of the shape of the appliques. Is this typical of older, elaborately quilted picees? It's also really nice to see that past generations of women didn't always do all of their handwork perfectly. I think many of us imagine that all women in the pre-machine era did everything perfectly, whether it was knitting or piecing or quilting, and hold ourselves to an impossible standard of perfection. Thanks again!


Are my non-quilter eyes just imagining that the second quilt, although not great technique, is visually balanced? Maybe we're looking at a self-taught quilter here.


You suppose the quilter did that thing where she pointed out the flaws to anyone who admired it? Or did she have the confidence to just say thank you?


Thanks for these - I love looking at old quilts and thinking of all the hours of loving stitches involved.


Perhaps a young person pieced or appliqued these quilts as a first quilt? Yet the neighborhood of quilting women quilted the quilt as a group?

My mother is 81 years old and she remembers playing under a large quilt frame and WIP quilt set up in her living room as her mother with other women in the neighborhood quilted the quilt.

It might explain the discrepancy between the applique or piecing skill versus the quilting skill displayed.


great post! i look forward to more quilting posts with lessons and humor.


This is so fascinating. I was thinking maybe the daughter did the piecing and the mother did the quilting, reminds me of early sewing projects that I did.

Sometimes I wonder, as textile people, will our sweaters/dresses/quilts/whatever be around later and someone will find them and notice little quirky things about what we did? Sometimes I imagine that someone would find a sweater that I did and was too in a hurry to wear it to cut all the ends.

I think that the imperfection of the quilt on the bottom is so lovely and human...the quilt ends up being beautiful in spite of it.

Leslie Wind

A blog on quilting? And such wonderful pictures. I think you and I could start an ebay anonomous, but not for a while please.
I especially like the part about not having to make things perfectly. I have many more things in my life that I enjoy doing now that the "internal judges" are gone.

Carrie Ellis

I found my way here via the Yarn Harlot, so I am thrilled to see my other hobby represented here. Those quilts are lovely! I am especially fond of the first one. I've added you to my Bookmarks and will be back to see more. Thanks for sharing.

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