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09 November 2007



Great scarf - just think of it as a sock without any shaping ;)


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.


So the test tube turns out to be good, huh?
You're welcome.


mmm, now that it's getting dark earlier and the sky is getting steadily grey-er, those colors are really the perfect defense against encroaching winter.


Very pretty.


sometimes it's the simplest things that bring us happiness.


I'm pretty annoyed -- I'd just about managed to restrain myself from getting Silk Garden for a scarf like that in favour of finishing, oh, say, a project or four first. Now you've made restraint impossible -- that scarf is so gorgeous and the mindless knitting made satisfying by colour changes, well . . .how can I resisit any more?!


so pretty! i love it.


I've always believed that there is a place for idiot knitting in every knitter's life. And if it's purty, so much the better!


I fell down that rabbit hole too. I never enjoyed k1p1 so much.


It's beautiful! I love these scarves.


It's lovely...

Beth S.

Ah, that's lovely! :-)


It looks terrific and sounds fun to knit!


I used to think of myself as a complex person with complex wants and desires, etc. That was until I knit a 1x1 rib Silk Garden scarf. I didn't even do stripes and I was so completely entertained by what color would come up next in my skein. Sometimes simplicity really is the best thing.


I love mindless knitting for TV watching. And that is so pretty!


That simple striped pattern never ceases to grab me! I just purchased some Silk Garden Lite and I think its weight is perfect for this project...warm but light(er)weight.


I love to watch my hands as I knit with a yarn like that - the color changes with nearly every stitch, and it's fascinating. Ah, simple pleasures (like spinning).


Those Noro scarves are addictive. I have made 3 so far and have yarn for at least 2 more.


I just finished a k1/p1 scarf! Needed something totally mindless to sop up the angst. It did the trick perfectly, and now I have a Christmas present in the bin.

Judy G.

Nice scarf! I've done a couple, and I suspect it will stay in the repertoire as one of my 2 fave scarves. I love the way the two yarns play off each other.

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