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06 September 2007



Some of us may have some uh, doubts about this, TMW. ;) What's your battle plan?


I have no doubts. I believe in you TMW.


You do realize that when you talk back to the voices, you're crossing a line, right?

martha Bilski

Keep on talking back to those mischievious gremlins. Let us know who wins...


You tell 'em, girl...


Uh-huh. You're in charge until the next batt club shipment arrives! But hey, I support you. If you can kick your casting-on habit, maybe there's hope for the rest of us.


Alrighty then! I'm glad to hear you're in charge. Dare I say, too much wool, not enough finishing? Go ahead and put some toes on those socks and some sleeves on those sweaters. You'll really appreciate this winter.


If you learn how to be in charge, please. Pass it along. I have a million projects that need just a few hours each, and one project that needs intensive time put into it - and I cast on for a sock the other day. Sock 1, no less - I'm not even finishing a pair. ::shame::


"Procrastinators'R'Us. How may we distract you?" LOL!

Welcome to the club. I find I have to be strict with myself. No new project until the last one(s) are finished (having a sock on the go as well as a sweater is OK, since I need a project that fits in my purse). I've even been known to graft toes on the London Underground - if I didn't, then that sock wouldn't get finished for six months or more, so I decided "Graft them now or they won't get done".

- Pam (took 2 months to block the waistband of my current sweater before I picked up the stitches for the back. Took a week to complete the back.)


so good luck with that! The same seducer hangs around my place as well, but right now, I'm in a "Get behind me, Satan" mode and I'm hoping to cast OFF rather than on later today -- and even better, hoping to BLOCK my Icarus shawl today. And if I worked another two hours on my Montego Bay scarf it would be done and there would only be three projects left on the needles -- so I could cast on my next two, right?


I am so glad to hear someone else admit to this problem! Why doesn't my stubbornness equate to project tenacity?


I like when you show the badass side of yourself.


The WISHBONE socks will get finished??? (actually, I think it's just one, no? If I remember, the first one is, indeed, finished?!) I know, I know, I'm a pest...


New wool, new project, new inspirations...new FOs! New quilts! New clothes! But only if you finish them... I suppose the distraction is the price we pay for these activities being creative pursuits, rather than the very thing that keeps us and our children from freezing.

Judy G.

Uhh, good luck with that. Let us know how it goes.


Revelations on the MTA. Usually that involves a flasher, but your way works too.


If you do figure this out you really must share it with the rest of us. I have the same problem. With even less to show for my efforts by the way.

Susan Pandorf

Beginnings must be in the air today. I posted about this subject as well.

But yours is funnier...


Judy H.

You do know that 'finish' is the F-word, right? ;)


Isn't there a twelve step program or something for people like us?


Oh! it's a--I mean, you're talking to--that is, it's a "hey you". That means it's out there, not inside me! Whew! All this time I thought it was *me*--but now I see that you know him/her/it too. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Now if I could only figure out where he/she/it lives, I'd be on the doorstep with an angry glare and baskets full of unfinished stuff.


You go girl! I'll be over here trying to keep myself on the diet & exercise treadmill.


Sounds as if you need some chromium polynicotinate and a schedule. Maybe a reward system?

I have only two projects on deck right now, DD's Rogue #2 and a portable sock for Dad. The Rogue has needed so many alterations to fit DD and compensate for my using a yarn that won't make gauge, that it's been sufficiently entertaining. Quilt's on hold until I can stand up without crutches because it's too hard to move the thing otherwise.

Send hey you over here for a while; I can handle her.


I can't count the times I've heard the same little voice. "Go on, start that new pretty thing. All the old things will still be there to finish later." And in three months, I have a ginormous pile of UFOs, and very little to show for myself.

I blame it on the yarn. Yup. It's all the yarn's fault.


Be strong. I want to see the Norns, so finish already.

But I want to see what you're spinning, too. ;-)

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