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13 September 2007



I think it is beautiful. I'm quite impressed with the fabrics, and with the effectiveness and deceptive (I imagine, having never done applique) simplicity of the lotus blossom!


Your handstitching is impressive, I can see you are a master... mistress? Hmmm...


That is so pretty it's sick.


Absolutely beautiful!

martha Bilski



Reasons why it should please you Very Very Much:
Incredibly perfect stitching. Wow.
The resonance and harmony you've achieved with the colors and subtle patterns in the fabrics is especially pleasing to the eye. Great use of depth of shade and hue.
There is a delightful combination of old world charm and modern design style to the lotus and frame elements.

Do I need to continue?

You're an inspiration. Pat yourself on the back!

Marcia Cooke

Your hand applique is exquisite! I can't do the hand stuff anymore, either, not that mine was ever on your level. No, I'm strictly machine these days, and it's not the same!


And it's a beautiful something too. Very lovely. I can't stand the cuteness of hearts either. The lotus flower is very elegant to me.


You're blowing me away with all this talent.


I think it's amazing! Quilting is something I have never dabbled in before, but seeing your beautiful work makes me want to learn so that I too can have such things in my home.


Wow. I love the look of appliqué but have never taken the time to learn to do it right. (Fusible webbing isn't the same, but it's awfully quick...) Yours is beautiful.


Needle turn? I'm impressed. When I go back to it after a long break, it takes me a while to do it well again. Yours looks perfect!


Wow. Gorgeous.

martha in mobile

Your work is so lovely. Could you bottle your skills and aesthetics, please? I'd be happy to trade you my entire collection of early 1900's sterling souvenir spoons...


Your appliqué is beautiful. It's not something I have a gift for, much to Dale's chagrin as he really wants me to make a Baltimore Album Quilt.


Beautiful appliqué work. I used to think I didn't have the patience for appliqué work. Hearts are too cutesy for me too. But your lotus flowers do look very tempting...


I think applique is gorgeous. And I do not like doing it -- but yours is so beautiful!

Judy H.

Gorgeous work. My beginning applique class (the one I took, not taught) used tulips for the curves and points. I personally like hearts just fine, but I agree that they're not for everyone.


What a stunning quilt - stunning in its understated beauty and harmony of color and pure, clean forms. I have at home a half-finished quilt top - when I was suddenly struck by the urge to try my hand at the craft, I thought it would be really neat to do a night sky quilt with the constellations in applique. Yep, hundreds of little stars to stitch on by hand, with no training or guidance of any kind - just winging it. Unfortunately, I haven't touched it since I learned to knit. But you're inspiring me to make a little more time for it this winter, and now I have a picture of what my applique ought to look like!


Those are both absolutely lovely, both the fabrics and the motifs (and the execution, of course).


Loving the layers. Please continue to show us pretty things - there is too much ugly in the world, and you are doing a very nice job of distracting me from that.


Beautiful. I love the lotus and the colors. About the only time I like pink is when it's paired with brown (and sometimes green to).

Please don't stop procrastinating. I would be afraid you lost your sanity and besides, it helps me feel good about my own procrastination. ha ha


I am unreasonably afraid of appliqué. The curves and points scare me. Maybe I need to visit NYC sometime when you're teaching a class.

Beth S.

Omigawd, that's stunning! I love the colors (of course!) and the stylized lotus motif is so elegant... I love how you've taken classic American patchwork colors and done something so different with them.

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