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16 July 2007



Nice flowers.

Marcia Cooke

Yarn abuse is a good thing....I've been telling y'all that for years! Great flower pics! Who knew there were that many colors in a Morning Glory?


You show blue. I bought orange Habu yarn: wool/stainless steel. There still IS balance in the universe.


I LURVE blue-purple. I'd be happy to take it off your hands.


That is pretty. Are you sure you feel OK?

Caroline M

That so looks like the spinning of a woman in distress. I can just see how much you were weeping onto the fibre there. I'm more concerned for my own sanity, I look at the second photo and all I can see is a mutant chicken looking at me. I know it's a flower but at the same time it's a chicken.


hehehehe... a potential victim....er customer. Must make a note.

I love both of the colourways. I seem to be into an orange phase right now but that blue/purple is soo cool.


Don't worry. You need to buy bobbins. Everythings ok. Don't worry. Just buy bobbins.


Dear Scared,

Buy more bobbins.


What great color-matching.
I'd take it off your hands, too, but I see Carrie beat me to the offer.


How about using el cheaporama cardboard storage bobbins??? That's what I do when I go on a spinning binge.

As for the colors, um, are your hormones out of whack, do you need to eat more chocolate, would standing on your head for five minutes every morning activate your re-set switch?

Frankly, I have two spindles on my couch right now, one with blue and the other with orange wool...


It can't be *totally* bad if you have a flower to match it.


Clearly you need more bobbins. Wait, deja vu, haven't we had this conversation before? Seriously, I think I've left this comment before.

Beth S.

You, spinning purply-blue sparkly stuff?...

I blame the heat. ;-)


It has come to yarn abuse.....




shoot your spinning a whole garden there :)



julia fc

Hey Abby: I have roses! Orange roses!
oh, and while you're at it, purple johnny jump-ups with orange centers too. I promise to take pictures.


Blue is the compliment to orange..........they are perfect together "). That blue spun is gorgeous!

Abby Franquemont

Aw c'mon, Cassie: surely you were warned about me. You're not making a very convincing ingenue!

Besides, can't I be the vicious enabler I was born to be, and still a friend?


Nice...verry, verrrrryyyy nice!


Dear Cassie,

If you're tired of all the fibre trouble we can friend swap. I'll take Abby and you can have...Harold. He's nice, but he's absolutely not interested in fibre of any kind. He's a bit boring and maybe smells of beer. But he won't send you a single thing to spin.




Oh...pretty, pretty precious morning glory roving.

(Sorry. Were you saying something?)


Just think of the yarn as the way to remember your garden come next January.

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