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06 April 2007



I love it! I have 20+ projects on the needles right now. Frightening when I calculate the needle investment alone! What is the shawl pattern? It looks quite lovely..... it may make the must knit list here if you'll share it's source....


There is no such thing as "too much wool". I'm just saying.

However I was stopped at the wool "room". Your wool has a room. Nevemind its organizational status. It has Room.

Mine has stolen space and cubbies strewn about the tiny abode. (Yes, I have given serious thought to storing it in the pots and pans. I would just have to convince people that the long (multicolored) mohair strand they pulled out their stew belonged to the dog.)


I can't wait to see what the gray lace is going to be....it's very pretty!

Too much wool......never!

Caroline M

Thank you for the links to the patterns, I had the one for the rectangular stoles already but the second link has many patterns that I've not come across before. I can knit in languages that I can't speak, it's amazing what you can do when you're desperate (and it helps that knitting has a limited vocabulary).


Maybe it's the teasing-not-quite-here spring? I seem to have caught whatever malady causes one to cast on too may new projects at one time. Big ones, too.

Think of the wool as extra insulation for your house: you won't need to use so much energy to heat it ;)


I know exactly! the feeling described - digging deep into the stash for "that" yarn you know is the right one. Wow! the begining of your project looks wonderful - your instincts proved right:) Hope to see more.


ha! Totally get it. Suffering from it myself now. Of course. I blame it on the fickle weather here (and up there as well). ;)

Hmm... what's the calmer for? ;)


Bored no more.

martha in mobile

I feel so validated in my nonlinear knitting process. Thank you. Pretty!


*Grin* Love your adventures and 2 projects going on simulataneously! Great links btw.


You are just one of my very favorite people of all time. 'Nuff said.


How DO you get yourself into these predicaments? :D

Barb Outside Boston

I cast on for the last sleeve of my spring sweater when I found the first sleeve had been laying on a red pen--horrors! I had to throw it aside to calm down.
My husband asked if I was going to finish HIS sweater--HA!
Instead I cast on for my son's First Communion Aran sweater (due by May 6th).

I call it being flexible.

Beth S.

Hang on, you ordered a bunch of Calmer... to make a sweater? An actual cotton-blend sweater? I think one of those too-high stash boxes must have hit you on the head. I absolutely cannot imagine you knitting a sweater out of *anything* that has no wool in it. ;-)

Is the lovely chocolate-brown yarn going to be that great cardigan from Best of Lopi? With the white accents? I remember you talking about it once. It's a gorgeous pattern.


OK, but what's the lace? I have 4000 yards of silk needing a 'home'.


I totally get you!!!


Oooh, that lace is pretty.


I think I'd like this TMW person. Do you think you could arrange an introduction? She sounds so interesting...


That's quite some list. I think there's a SABLE for patterns for shawls, and that completes it.


Greetings to your wool room from my wool room. A place only the priviledged get to sit and soak in the enormity of my stash. Or something ...
It's spring. The mind races, filling with projects and ideas, awash with colours, fibres and textures. Enjoy it !

Judy H.

I am sooo totally one of those 'suggestible' people (hence, "Needlework ADD"...) What's the shawl? Suggest to me, suggest to me!


Very funny post! What is the shawl pattern? It's not such a bad predicament, is it?


Æði (means great or wonderful in a very fantastic way - see it's hard to explain another language, but this is the first word that came into mind while reading the entry).

Don't you just love the rush (or the high?) of the compulsive casting on. Nothing else matters.

I love your description of the yarn stash. I'm not a big stash person (as you've no doubt noticed) and just enjoy other people talking about their stash :)

Sooner than later I'll be in New York and perhaps you'll spark the inner stash person in me? Is it contagious?


I ordered some yarn on the 24th. UPS has "rescheduled" my delivery of said yarn for the freaking 11th. Moral of the story, UPS sucks big dead green donkey wongers. Because there is no way it should take 6 business days for Brown to get me yarn from DC to Texas. It would take me less time to drive there, pick up the yarn, and drive home.

And why is it cold here, too?


I went through a fit of project starting recently too (and am hanging on by my nails to keep from casting on another sweater)...something about the vacuum left by finishing (or an impression of finishing) projects. :) I love, love the stitch pattern on the lace, and the color. Can you share what the pattern is?

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