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30 April 2006



Cassie, the matching snaps are very cute. I wish I could buy one but my family would give me the chicken eye, then look at my Bernina and say, "You're *buying* something you could make?!"

My DD loves her Emergency Breathing Kit, btw, and takes it everywhere. She's had to use it a lot lately and being able to find the inhaler (and tin of mints) quickly has been a huge help. THANK YOU for the idea.


They look really good. I wish I knit more socks so I would need one ;)


those are super cute, did you hand stitch the binding on at the end? It looks like it because its invisible.

I wanna see one in use!


Awesome! I think it's good that you're charging what you think they're worth... too many people undervalue their work. :)


I second the comment about charging what they are worth. The work that's gone into them and your quality of craftspersonship is definitely worth it.


Really beautiful ! All of them. ;-]


Can't wait to get mine!


Sylvia's familiy: "You're *buying* something you could make?!"

Hmm, then, making socks is better than buying socks, right? So then, you NEED the emergency sock kit. There. Problem solved. ;-)

Hey, an item that was in the presence of Alice and her minions? **Priceless**


I im right? huh huh????

Catherine Harrison

Those are so lovely Cassie. Congratulations that they all sold so fast.


I love that Alice takes the needle out of your hand.

Valerie in San Diego

Yikes — those sold out fast! I wasn't quick enough !! Poo!!!! please oh please make more ;-)

Vicki Roy

You've been quiet but busy. It is good to be be busy. Always enjoy seeing the lovely things on your website. take care.

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