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16 June 2005



Sung to the tune of the Banana Boat Song

Wool-O, Wooolllll-o
Daylight come and she wanna spin more
Wool, she say wool, she say wool, she say wool,
She say wool, she say wooolllll-o,
Daylight come and she wanna spin more

Spin all night and ply some more
Daylight come and she wanna spin more
Piles of skeins just a sitting there
Daylight come and she wanna spin more

Come, Ms. Cassie, show me your skeins
Daylight come and she wanna spin more
Come, Ms. Cassie, show me your skeins
Daylight come and she wanna spin more

One skein, two skeins, three skeins more!
Daylight come and she wanna spin more
Six skeins, seven skeins, eight skeins, Birch!
Daylight come and she wanna knit Birch


You chose Birch's color to match Alice's markings?? Clever. And so is your daughter.


It's looks beautiful, Cassie! Amazing Alice portrait, too!


Whoa, lovely portrait. And Alice herself is looking much more healthy than that last time I saw her photo. Her feathers around her eyes are looking more lustrous, etc. Well done, RR!


You daughter is very talented. Alice has a bit of the color of Birch in her little cheeks. Alice may not be perceptive but she is a doll.


Love that Birch and Alice match. The portrait is wonderful - although if I were Alice I might be a tad bit afraid of the HUGE bird behind me.


The bright spot on Alice's cheek (does a bird have cheeks?) looks exactly the color of Birch! And she looks great on it!


Your daughter is a VERY talented girl!! I love the picture with Alice posed in front..LOL. Normally I am not a big bird fan.....but Alice is just too cute!

Birch is coming along nicely :-)


I love the yarn - so here goes

Oh that Lorna's lace
It does have more than one face
The first, it's beauty in the store
It's second, the way it makes my needles soar


Keeps me toasty warm,
keeps me comfortably cool
I love to shrink you
or stretch you out to dry.
You fill a good part of my days
and a large chunk of my nights.
Bulky, cobweb thin, or anything in between
I love wool.


I know other people mentioned it, but I love how Alice's coloring matches Birch. She doesn't think it's for her, does she?

And Alice's portrait! WOW!


I was going to say something about you having taken it too far, co-ordinating your bird and your knitting...but apparently that would be old news. Birch looks wonderful...do you think it's getting any bigger?
(Mine isn't)


I'm all for orange birds.


The portrait is fantastic. Before I started reading your post, I was already inspecting that picture and wanted to know where you got the painting. It's wonderful. I once did a very large pen & ink drawing of my mother's cockatoo. Easier to draw a white bird with black ink, than to paint a colorful bird! She did a great job with Alice, even if Alice doesn't appreciate it.


I love Alice, and she looks good with Birch. I'll bet she's enjoying the heat!

Beth S.

So... much... Birch...! You have been one busy knitter. Have you used up a whole ball of KSH yet?

And Alice's portrait is quite impressive, too! Your daughter has talent.


(Waving to Alice) The portrait is terrific and it is good to see Alice enjoying your knitting again.

Linda M

thanks for the all-Alice post, I'm so glad she's doing better. and the portrait and the knitting and the photos are wonderful


It looks like Alice is sitting on a giant pterydactyl egg. I mean that in the most complimentary way. Oh, does our ode have to be done in poetry?

There once was a knitter from Springfield,
Whose wool collection she refused to yield.
When her spouse said "You must choose",
She sang him the blues,
Now on the couch he must snooze.


That Alice is one stylish bird and knitting model. The painting by your very talented daugher is so..lifelike...um, 20 times larger.


Your Birch is looking fabulous. I'm toying with the idea of dyeing my white one another color. Your color is stunning.


This isn't a poem, but it IS about my love of wool. Last year, my dear sweet husband made me a bet- that I could go for 3 months without buying ANY wool (he at first said "yarn" but he knows what I really crave) It was getting on to summer- so I said "No problem! I can live off the stash for the summer- I usually do not knit a whole lot of wool in the heat anyway." The prize- if I won-a major stash enhancement. If he won-he is addicted to flying and all things airplane-he would go flying for an afternoon in a rental plane (since we do not own our own). Worth it, right? Then he says- by the way- did you see the ads for (Our local yarn store)- they had an unprecedented sale- 20% off of different yarns, a different category every week, for 4 weeks. The first week was all of their wools-Manos, Noro, Naturally-OH MY! Oh my. I tried to get out of it. I tried to stay away from the store! I even tried to CHEAT! (but I didn't). What I did was stick it out. And shake and shudder like an old addict jonesing for her next fix. And I DID win-2 dozen (yes, 24!)balls of Noro Silk Garden (because wool is spectacular, but wool and silk? to die for). And 10 skeins of Manos wool. And I laid it all out on the bed when I got home and rolled on it! Just for the love of wool!!!!!!!


Why Alice I love how the color of the shawl brings out your beautiful cheeks.

Basil took a picture with his mommy's shawl this morning too, but alas my blog-city server is down so I cannot post them yet. Maybe later.

And what a gorgeous painting, that's really cool.


As a fan of The Police and Sting, I have to say:

With one breath, with one flow
You will know
A sleep trance, a dream dance
A shared romance

A connecting principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Somthing inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectible
Yet nothing is invincible

. . .

It's so deep, it's so wide
You're inside

. . .


What a wonderful portrait! Your daughter is very talented :)

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