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02 May 2005



Okay. I went over and told her. Not sure she'll listen...something about the kindness of strangers....


Norma is so lucky!! Those are a beautiful pair of socks, Cassie. Wonder how long it will take her to get hooked??


You are so deliciously evil.


It's just a matter of time. Like any really good addiction - it only takes trying it the one time. ;)


I've spent a lot of time telling Norma she had to knit socks! Maybe YOU have converted her. Or maybe you just turned her into a 'knit socks for me' nag. One thing's certain....she's a lucky b*tch.


This is exactly the way the crack and heroin dealers work. I'm just sayin'.

Laura J

Poor, poor Norma. With friends like you... actually, I could envy her.


hee hee I love it.


Very clever of you...now if someone would only light that kind of fire under my ass! I've got the yarn, I've got the needles - my feet just don't know what they're missing!


Pretty socks! Oh yes, Norma DEFINITELY needs to knit some socks for herself!

Dena Shunra


Beth S.

How did you ever manage to part with those beautiful socks? The temptation to keep them must have been extraordinary. But I suppose if you actually get Norma to try sock knitting, the sacrifice will have been well worth it. (And you can always make yourself another pair in RED. :-)


I sure hope Norma is going to wear those socks at Maryland so we all can pick her out of the crowd...


You are evillll... but I am now envious. *I* don't have handknit socks either...


Hee! Is there a pool to see how long Norma holds out before taking the plunge?


Love the socks. I recently just became re-acquainted (oh I can't spell that) with sock knitting. It can be quite addictive and I just found out the love of great sock patterns. I may just have to check out that book.


The socks are beautiful. I don't know what's more addictive - knitting wonderful socks or wearing wonderful handknit socks!


Those are some seriously beautiful socks. What a lucky gal!


Norma is screwed now. It's a perfect plan. You introduce the goods...then withdraw the supply. She's going to have to knit them now. Perfect...heinous...but perfect.

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