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28 April 2005



what a wonderful evening you had. i'm shy too, so i can totally understand how overwhelming it can be to meet lots of people - and so lovely to meet so many people with whom you have so much in common!!


What a fab evening ! I am so jealous. :0)

Siow Chin

What an evening! I'm envious too, is there anyway at all to ask Stephanie to include Hong Kong as part of her tour?


My envy cannot be described in words.


Great posts! It's making me excited for our Harlot visit tonight.


Sounds like a wonderful night!


Hey, we didn't get wine or gift bags here in Memphis - that's no fair! No really - I'm glad you had a good time - I loved seeing the Harlot when she was here in my town although I didn't meet any other bloggers while I was there but I did get my picture in the paper! I'm a shy person too and felt like a total dork after the booksigning - I had every opportunity to talk to a bunch of local knitters and the only person I spoke to besides Stephanie doesn't even live here! Go figure.


Nope. I am absolutely sure that reflection on the wine glass is the Virgin Mary. Good sign.


Jealous does not even begin to describe.....sounds like a wonderful time. I was thinking of you!


SO glad you came over to say hi, fellow shy person. Love your blog and as far as pictures of the event go, I forgot my camera. I said a mental "Doh!" upon arrival. Did love the tables, muchies and beverages. L&T did a great job.


That just goes to show the world of bloggers are very cool people that do not cause fear and trembling...unless it's laughter. This blog is no Too Much Fun.


It was so nice to meet you last night that I'll even try not to cringe too much over that photo of me!

Jo in Ottawa

Sounds like you had a great time. There was no wine in Ottawa when Stephanie came here (though she did come here first which maybe counts for something). what's the green thing you are knitting in the first photo? Or is that something someone else what knitting?


Look at my girls standing with the Harlot! What a great recap, first I've read. Woot! Thanks, Cassie.


You MUST have been having a great time -- LOOK, you're SMILING!!!! Hold on, I have to mark my calendar. And it's such a funny coincidence -- I see in your first picture a copy of a book that Carolyn just wrote a few of us emails about last night -- she said, "remind me I want to thumb through this book at Maryland."


Sorry I missed you, I was there too. Of course it's really sad that I missed Mindy since I have met her before.

Don't feel too bad about the needles, I didn't get them either (but my best friend did, damn her).


I think all three Cassies look beautiful.


Beth S.

Wow. What a terrific evening that must have been! And to think you're going to follow it up with a trip to Maryland... are you sure that much excitement is legal? ;-)

I envy you, I really do!


It was great to meet you last night, the whole evening was a blast. And like Cari, I'll even forigve that horrible shot of me!


Total craziness! I loved seeing you again and sitting next to you and my god - what a night!!!!

Dena Shunra

OOoh, I'm having a very rare "wish I was in NY last night" moment!


Hehehe I'm glad someone else gets a shock over the name thing. I do that whenever I see the name "Cara" (hence why I try to use the nickname given to me by my best friend)... But I don't immediately think I didn't say that... I think... wait did I say that (no short term memory).

Now I officially can't wait... I'll be seeing Stephanie in one week in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Thanks, Cassie, for the great recap!


I have hesitated to tell you that my college nickname was Cassie... (too many K/Cathi/ie/ys at the time) I refuse to blow my cover with my current nickname but one of my friends daughter's name is... Cassandra. Gorgeous auburn hair. Life is so unfair. And, while I have your eye - thanks for all the good blog links - I subscribed to the new-to-me ones.


Do these words look green? I'm green as 'sparagus, so they should. I'm so glad you had such a great time -- hangin' with such COOL people!


OK, I am completely bitter about this. There were campy pink plastic pearlized needles!! *waaaaaah*

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