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13 April 2005



Yup, it's a milestone. And isn't blogging the most wonderful and amazing thing? And more than that, PRIVATE emails!? (I'm only snickering at you quietly. Very quietly. Private-private.)


Glad you worked it out. Congratulations. It's so empowering to outsmart the pattern ;) or even sometimes just to figure out what the .... they mean!!!!!!!

he he


Amen to Sonja -- congratulations on outsmarting the pattern!

(And I'm sure your daughter would be glad to hear you say "It's just wool." I think she might be a little worried after you spoke of a yarn's demise...)


What a great story! I'm constantly amazed at how small the world is here at our fingertips.
And I like the "it's just wool" philosophy. I've actually been trying to apply a similar attitude toward other things in my life. *Trying*

Beth S.

I don't know whether it's more terrifying or liberating to do what you did. Maybe equal parts of both? I tried this once--a shawl was coming out way too small, so I decided to tweak the pattern, an extra repeat here, a bigger motif there--and it degenerated into a royal mess. Win some, shove others to the back of the stash closet...

What made you decide to do a one-row stripe? Does the change in color indicate "here is where I crossed the line"? ;-)


The freedom to fudge ! Very liberating.
Isn't the internet amazing ?!


You are so smart (when given some help);-)


Congrats on the breakthrough! And that is very cool that she walked to the Icelandic Handicrafts Assoc!


Hmmm . . . I had THOUGHT I wanted to try to find a copy of that book. Now I'm not so sure!!

Jo in Ottawa

Well in addition to all the personal insight, you are also producing a very nice shawl by the look of it. I hope it doesn't cause you any more grief. Presumably Sonja and Risa fudged it at some point too.


Well the shawl looks great. I love how she took a walk to the publisher.

Knitting is a lot about fudging. In fact the woman who taught me how to knit said that when in doubt, fudge :-).

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